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Holborn sits to the west boundry of the historic City of London making it a popluar place for business. It is not all work and no play because Holborn is full of restaurants providing different cuisine choices and cutting edge drinking spots. 

Attractions In The Area

We love Itsu. It manages to produce both super nutritious yet super tasty health food across London. We recommend the store in Holborn for a quick tasty lunch or light dinner on the go. With 50 low-fat salads, sushi, noodle and rice dishes there is plenty of choice. 

If peering into the gruesome history of surgery and medicine with ghastly instruments and preserved specimens is your thing, then a visit to the Hunterian Museum is a must. Both educational and satisfies the curious.

Holborn is home to loads of independent shops with wonderfully quirky things.

4 Apartments in Holborn

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